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Distinctive signs to recognize the Tasteviné wine

macaron tastevinage

The selected wines display the Tastevinage seal either on the front or back label, or on a medallion label, according to the laureate’s preference. Each bottle is numbered.

The Confrérie's coat of arms


As soon as 1950, the Confrérie's coat of arms became the tastevinage stamp. This coat of arms is the work of Hansi (J.J. Waltz, 1873-1951), the famous Alsacian draughtsman, friend of the wines of Burgundy and "Grand Héraldiste" of the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin in its early days.

<< The coat of arms: purpure bent sinister Or, sinister a keg Argent and dexter in chief a "tastevin" Argent; the shield crested with a tilting helmet.
Crest: a half-length patriarch Noah, holding in his right hand a "tastevin", in his left hand a bottle, robed in purpure and Or, face flesh-colored, nose purpure. Mantling: purpure and Or. Order: tastevin Argent hanging on a cordon purpure intertwined Or. >>

Aloxe tastevin‚Cremant tastevin‚Meursault tastevin‚

The Tastevinage plaque

plaque tastevinage

Plaques carrying the Tastevinage stamp have sprung up all over Burgundy's wine-growing region; on the walls of wine producers, merchants and cooperatives honoured by the Tastevinage jury. The plaques, with a different colour for each year, are presented to selected producers. Enlightened wine-lovers can now easily recognize those producers having at least one of their wines approved by the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin.

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