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Pewter ware Cornus

Pewter ware Cornus

Unique piece. Based in Burgundy, Xavier Masson is a cabinetmaker who began creating corkscrews in the early 90’s. His love for raw material and design led him to assemble wood and natural elements such as eggshell, bone, mother-of-pearl, ebony, pewter ware, and leather. His palette reflects approximately 40 wood essences and 20 natural elements. The distinction of his work lies in his interpretation of the material, and his ability to incorporate the specificity of the pieces of wood ( knots, irregularities, branches ) in order to reveal their essential elements in his final creations. The sensuality emitted as you touch each piece is due to its natural finish, achieved by a very light sanding, polishing and waxing. The techniques Xavier (or M. Masson?) uses are issued from his mastery of marquetry and veneer along with his personal ingenuity.

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